Trotman Auto Group is dedicated to doing something more than the average car dealership or Automotive group. They work as a team to accomplish the things that one dealership and one person could not dream of accomplishing alone.

“For us, what we find important is team building, leadership, giving back and watching our people grow to champions; each person to be the very best they can be and have them harness their energy and strength,” says Mike Trotman, President and CEO of the Trotman Automotive Group.

Trotman Auto Group is a leader in the automotive market. Their success stems from their awareness that they need to make customers happy and proud to buy a car from their dealerships.

“Ultimately, clients tell us that they have met a group of our employees that care. Our employees care; they truly do. They want that experience to be right,” says Brad.

The dreams are big, the goals are big and the Trotman Auto Group is well on it’s way to accomplishing something great!

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