Langley Chrysler for a long time, with our staff, raised money towards the Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation.

Over the years since 2006, we have had a Jeans Day barbeque with our staff to celebrate our team. We have raised about $18,000 towards the Langley Memorial Hospital. We have been able to contribute towards the purchase of equipment for the maternity ward.

Mike Omelaniec, Chair for the Maternity Expansion Campaign is not only a client, but also a friend of ours. He approached us and asked if we were interest in expanding and assisting in the hospital’s maternity ward and we were more than happy to help. When we learned about the challenges the maternity ward was having, it was really an automatic decision for us. The community has done so much for us, and now it is time for us to step up and do something big.

Dr. David Chapman from Langley Memorial Hospital was able to list all the new upgrades we were able to contribute to. These new upgrades included 7 new rooms, a renovated and expanded special care nursery with improved isolation facilities, and dedicated post anaesthetic recovery room. It is important for us to let the local community hospital know that we support the hard work that they do.

We were happy to hear that the money has gone to a good cause and that it will improve the delivery experience for many families. We also got to hear from Blair Qualey, President of the New Car Dealers Association; it was nice to hear that our support was acknowledged and more importantly, it was valuable for us to be able to actively engage in our community and help out a place that is always there for us when need it.

“It’s the least we can do to invest in the health and vibrancy of the community.”

In total, $11.6 million have been invested in this project.

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Langley Chrysler