Over all I would have to say I am highly satisfied with my purchase so far. It wasn’t my intention to actually purchase a vehicle at the time that I did and to be honest I wasn’t really in the market for another Chrysler product. I had an extremely poor experience with Chrysler Canada’s customer service with my previous vehicle, a 2010 Dodge Ram 1500. I was only in fact shopping around at multiple dealerships to determine what sort of vehicle I needed and general price range / trade-in value.

I did not mention the poor experience to Dan prior to the sale and instead just explained a few financial constraints I was working with. I was looking for a particular type of vehicle and it was proving very difficult to locate. Dan bent over backwards locating a vehicle for me and though it was a 2012 it was exactly what I was looking for in terms of overall look and features for a vehicle. Dan was aware that I was a previous customer with another Chrysler dealership, that I was also looking at other manufacturers and assured me that he would make me the best possible deal to secure my business again. Honestly I was skeptical since I had been to XXXXXXXXXXX Chrysler the week before and had visited a few other dealers in the prior weeks. The deal he presented as far as terms was better than all the others and he was able to make it appear (at least to me) to get $2000.00 for my 1997 Dodge Caravan with 280,000+ kilometers which was twice as much as any other dealership was willing to offer.

I really honestly had no intention of purchasing another Chrysler and in fact was more than likely going to purchase a Ford. I was being thorough in investigating all my possible options only. Dan was fantastic. Very patient and understanding of my position and he made this deal happen. I’d also like to say the lady in the finance department (I am embarrassed to say I forget her name now) that also made the financial particulars fit my situation was fantastic.

I have used the Service Department Of Langley Chrysler in the past and have always been satisfied with their work, the Sales Department however has changed my mind about purchasing Chrysler products. I’d also like to say that Marlow was great as well the follow week when I had to bring it back for the protection package. I was in and out in about 6 hours.

Thanks very much.

James Bliss