Free Extended Warranty Quote

An extended warranty is functionally an insurance policy for your car. Original manufacturer’s warranties only last so long, but an extended warranty will protect you, the owner, from repair costs long after the original has expired.

Do I need an extended warranty?

Unexpected bills are inconvenient and expensive. Imagine getting hit with an unprotected transmission replacement in between paychecks. Extended warranties grant you peace of mind against vehicle failures,
because they safeguard you from crippling auto repair costs.

Confidence and a quiet mind aren’t the only benefit of an extended warranty, though. Warranties through Langley Chrysler carry roadside assistance, so you’re never alone if a tire blows or you lock your keys in your car.

Additionally, extended warranties are one of the only ways to add universal value to your vehicle. Many are transferable to other owners. If you decide to sell, an active warranty can be an appealing option for buyers.

Langley offers a wide range of warranty coverage levels. From basic powertrain to options that cover all your car’s bells and whistles, you can choose a plan that makes you feel comfortable.

Where do I start?

For a free quote and additional information on coverage, submit our simple contact form, or give our finance department a call. We’re devoted to giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision on your warranty purchase.