Financial Services

When you apply for a car loan from Langley, exceptional vehicles are never out of reach.

Our finance team works with all credit situations. Our goal is to create affordable loans that you can manage with confidence.

We’re authorized representatives for more than ten local and national Chartered Banks and Financial Institutions.

But we don’t work for the banks. We work for you.

Langley Chrysler commands over 40 continuous years in customer advocacy. Our group buying power allows us to negotiate preferred rates and terms to craft a plan that suits your unique needs and budget. No exorbitant fees or shakedowns. No cookie cutter solutions. Just thoughtful, personalized loan solutions for the customers we care about.

Transparency and Understanding at Every Step

We don’t survive on making shady deals and hiding the facts from our clients. You deserve to know your options, to understand the terms and conditions, and to feel secure that you’re getting a square deal on a loan you can handle.

Our finance centre is a team of advisers, not salesmen. We take the time to explain in full detail all warranties, factory programs, and loan options, allowing you to make an informed decision with certainty.

We will always ensure legal documentation is ironclad, completed accurately and in a timely fashion. You’ll spend less time bogged down in jargon and more enjoying your new vehicle purchase.

Online and in person, our goal is your happiness, comfort, and satisfaction.

Ready to get moving? Get pre-approved with our fast, simple, secure application and put our expertise to work.