Shawn made sure as I left the lot, I was comfortable and happy.  I found him to be an excellent salesperson who was extremely courteous and professional at all times. From the entry of the test drive to the deal at the table Shawn was unflappable. He made me feel that he loved my vehicle as much as I did. That felt good.

In fact, my father and I enjoyed your entire dealership from the layout of eye candy (viper and challenger) and all staff making sure we were taken care of. We had a great customer experience as well with the lovely lady who went through the pre-paperwork to transfer the vehicle. I found she had excellent knowledge of the  warranty package remaining as well as the options of the extended warranty (which we did not purchase). I also have to mention the friendly service of the “plate man” who I believe was just leaving for a trip to NZ ,AU and the area… Dad had recently vacationed there with his late wife and had a few “tips “for him. Of course he listened intently, was humorous and made my dad’s day as well.

I just wanted to thank you, Shawn for his excellent service and your entire team at Langley Chrysler. My Juke is magnificent and I drive it with pride.