I just wanted to let you know about our customer service while purchasing the Ram 1500 Laramie.

My husband was in a serious car accident and once he came home from the hospital he started to feel house bound. Every once in awhile we would go for short drives to get out of the house to help him feel less anxious.

At another dealer, we actually went into the showroom where we were ignored. I guess a lady pushing her husband in a wheel chair meant no sale to them. They were too busy eating their lunch to even look up and say hi. We went home. A few days later we went out again looking at vehicles and now stopped in at your dealership. Right after I parked Dan saw that I was getting a wheel chair out of my trunk and came right over. Before I could get myself organized he was pushing my husband towards the trucks in the back lot and having a conversation with him on what he was looking for. At this point we were only looking for information as my husband could definitely not drive but Dan still showed us a vehicle.

Maybe a month and a half later after reading the brochures Dan gave us, we figured out what we wanted and I gave Dan another call to see when he would be in. When we arrived to the dealership we told him some features we wanted on a truck. He told us to have a seat while he pulled a vehicle around to the front so we could have a look. After a test drive we knew we were close but this vehicle was not exactly what we wanted so he drove us around to the back to look at others. (My husband is using canes to walk and Dan knew it would be far for him to walk ) Dan then showed us the Laramie.

Again, Dan provided excellent customer service when my husband asked him not to deliver the vehicle to us at this time as he was so tired. Dan agreed and is going to do the proper delivery when we bring it back in for the spray liner and cover. We felt confident leaving without this as Dan gave us a lot of product knowledge on all features during the past few hours we were with him.

The only point that I could make to better our experience with this dealership is to have more than one finance person working when it is busy. Even though we were waiting Dan came and checked on us a few times. In my perspective, Dan sure went above and beyond to make us feel welcome from the first time I drove in your lot and took the time to find us exactly what we wanted the day we bought. Thank you Dan!

Sincerely; Sue and Mike Johnson